WHS Memorial Fund

The Wyandotte Historical Society, recognizing the need for the long term financing for the operation of a museum, initiated the Memorial Fund with Homer Steele as its chairman. With the formation of a committee under J. Homer Steele's leadership, guidelines were finalized for presentation to the general membership. At the meeting held on January 14, 1972, guidelines for the Memorial Fund were formally adopted. The goal was to accumulate an endowment of sufficient amount to provide interest and dividends only in support of the museum. No monies were to be expended from the principle itself.

The Memorial Fund is autonomous in that names for committee replacements will be presented to the Wyandotte Historical Society President by the Memorial Committee and must be approved by the general membership.

All donations to the endowment fund are acknowledged and recognized in our Memorial Books on public display at the MacNichol Museum and are tax deductible.