The Museum in the Streets

Take this self-guided tour. Walk in the footsteps of others who have walked before you down Biddle Avenue. 

Compare today to the past. This walking tour spotlights 16 historic locations revealing how they were over 50 to 150 years ago. 

Old dime stores, fire stations, iron mills, hotels, movie theatres, pharmacies, and shipyards - and the people who made them possible - are depicted in pictures and words on plaques at each site. 

Start your walking tour at 2912 Biddle Avenue and follow the map below. Enjoy!        

           Museum in the Streets Map      
  1. 2912 Biddle (Arlington Hotel & Armstrongs)
  2.  2922 Biddle (R.P. McMurphy’s)
  3.  2948 Biddle (Thomas Drug Store)
  4.  3000 Biddle (First Fire Station)
  5.  3024 and 3030 Biddle (Melody Brothers Building)
  6.  Biddle and First (The Triangular Corner)
  7.  Southwest corner of Biddle and Maple (Neisner’s Dime Store)
  8.  3160 Biddle (Milkins Jewelry)
  9.  3162 Biddle (Marx Opera House)
  10.  Biddle from Eureka to Sycamore (Biddle North of Eureka)
  11.  Biddle between Pine and Orchard (Shipbuilding)
  12.  3509 Biddle (Police Station)
  13.  3225 Biddle (The Nine Lives of 3225 Biddle Avenue)
  14.  Biddle, between Sycamore and Maple (Majestic Theatre)
  15.  3191 Biddle (Carnegie Library)
  16.  Southeast corner of Biddle and Elm (Eureka Iron Works       and  Wyandotte Savings Bank)