The Biddle Shop on the second floor of the Ford MacNichol Home at 2610 Biddle Avenue has gifts for your Valentines. These are in adddiiton to the selection of books, collectibles,  and Wyandotte memorabilia, including publications on Wyandotte’s history and Cat’s Meow Village pieces of Wyandotte.

If you are unable to go to the gift shop in person, you can purchase items online by going to "Cats Meow Collectibles", or "Publications" or "Wyandotte Collectibles" on this website. 

Gifts avalilable in the Biddle Shop change with the holidays and seasons. Following are a few of the gifts in February around Valentine's Day at the Biddle Shop. 
Biddle Shop Valentines Dog (2) - Copy
Biddle Shop Valentines Day (2) - Copy - Copy
Biddle Shop Valentine Heart (2) - Copy (2)
Biddle Shop Valentines Day Selection (2) - Copy - Copy
GS Children's Toys Photo - Copy - Copy
Biddle Shop Valentine picture No 1
GS Biddle Shop Gifts - Copy - Copy