About Us


With this website our goal is to enable people of all generations wherever they may be, to explore, research and share the rich cultural, economic, educational, and spiritual heritage of Wyandotte, Michigan.

We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization, established in 1958. 

Our History
In the early 1950’s, citizens interested in preserving the local history of Wyandotte started getting together to do. Soon they felt the need to capture their common bond in writing and they created the following creed: " We believe that the efforts to acquaint the people of the Wyandotte area with the history of our stable industries, honest business houses, dedicated churches, good school systems, and excellent government will result in better citizenship for all ages."

As their work continued, the group's purpose evolved to become: "The object and purpose of the Historical Society shall be to bring together people interested in the history of Wyandotte, to suggest the collection, preservation and display of authentic documents, historical records and relics, and anything of interest and value in its educational, cultural, economic and spiritual heritage."

On May 9, 1958, the group held the first formal meeting of the Wyandotte Historical Society, under the direction of Edwina DeWindt.  The Society became a chartered membership organization dedicated to preserving  local artifacts and history in written and oral forms and acquainting people through programs and speakers with the history of the Wyandotte area through programs and speakers. 

The first Society Museum was opened in 1966 and we continue to evolve as we work to preserve and share the rich heritage of the riverfront American community of Wyandotte, Michigan.