Christmas Parade Photos

Hi. We are here to show you photos of Christmas Parades of the past. 
christmas-parade-nov (2) - Copy

Remember arriving early to find a good place to see the parade?
Parade getting ready for 46445814_10210319802110871_7712092604396994560_n - Copy      Christmas Parade Clock Tower 16 (2) - Copy
...And the crazy cars going by with the Nativity Scene on old City Hall? 
Cars 46382852_10210319801510856_5303591613291823104_n (2) - Copy (2)

There was the Guard of Honor and...  the Grand Marshall. 
Honor Guard 46351706_752745865076912_8108947595432296448_o (2) - Copy       Grand Marshall 46377019_10210319801870865_2310526696819785728_n (2) - Copy

There were marching bands. 
Christmas Parade Band 18 (2) - Copy   Christmas Parade Marching  Band 20 (2) - Copy

And there was thee salute from a marching band going by.  

Salute 43477894_753232595028239_1328991184940433408_o (2) - Copy.

Then the real parade went by, float after float, past the parade goers, the cars, and the businesses.  
Just look at the cars and the stores back then. Do you recognize some of the buildings? 
Parade d2e28d4c0a00fc72689e913becf43f91 - Copy

Of course there was a clown and - a Frosty the Snowman Christmas Tree!
Christmas Parade Clown 10 (2) - Copy  Christmas Parade Float 2 (2) - Copy

And weren't these girls fabulous in their festive attire! We knew Santa couldn't be far behind.  
Christmas Parade Dancers - 1963 (2) - Copy

We stretched our necks and then - there was Santa in his sleigh. But who was with him? 
Christmas Parade Santa 1 (2) - Copy 

Oh look! Mrs. Claus is with Santa in the sleigh! What a treat. 

Santa n Mrs Claus 46310457_10210319801310851_4078565059553394688_n (2) - Copy                Santa n Mrs Claus close up safe_image (2) - Copy

Then in a flash they were off, to check if boys and girls were naughty or nice.
Santa leaving 76929724_998286200522876_7810742295174578176_o - Copy